Strapless Satin Bubble Dress Prom Formal Holiday Party Cocktail Gown Bridesmaid

Strapless Satin Bubble Dress Prom Formal Holiday Party Cocktail Gown Bridesmaid

Strapless Satin Bubble Dress Prom Formal Holiday Party Cocktail Gown Bridesmaid

Cute satin strapless cocktail dress with boned bodice, hem hits at mid-thigh, fitted drop waist with flattering poufy skirt, fully lined, crystal pin, matching satin scarf, zip back. Junior size XS – XL, junior plus size 2X, 3X.


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From Cwatts33 via Amazon

I ordered 3 dresses for my Bridesmaids. The dresses are well made. They fit perfect. The quality and craftsmanship is great. What a deal. The dresses are a great value. The seller shipped extremely fast. I am so happy. The girls a thrilled with the dresses. I recommend this product. Good value, Great service, Great quality.


From Neyla R.S. Silva “Neyter” via Amazon

I bought this dress for my niece and she loved it! Very elegant.. It fitted perfectly, she’ll be wearing it in her senior prom. I would recommend this dress to anyone. I will definitely purchase another dress from amazon.


From piecake via Amazon

I must say that this dress must’ve been the best dress that I have ever worn in my whole life. I am not gonna even exaggerate. I dont own many dresses or wear them much and most of them are like $30 or lower – they’re okay. But this dress is totally worth it. I got this red dress for my prom and man, it feels great. The wires that hold your body and make you look very slim and the pin is just so cute and pretty – totally worth it – unexplainable. it’s great.

For this dress, everything is amazing. Just make sure that the dress fits on your hip, and everything will be fine. That’s just my opinion, if you want to know. At first, I was afraid if the bust area wont fit since I am kind of conscience of that, but after trying on the dress, I realized that the dress would fit a person better if she looks for the dress based on her hip. Since the dress is kind of already created by the wires to hold your body and make you look slim, the most important area would be your hip. If it fits perfectly on your hip, then you have nothing to worry about, because all the other areas will fit. The dress landed right at my hip before the ruffles and the bust area was a little bit bigger than my actual bust (and I have already ordered my dress a smaller size than it should be too) so yeah, that’s just my opinion.

BUT this dress is amazing! Thank YOU :)