About Us

Fashion is a very personal thing. Some would view an item with great interest while others would consider it as trash. That is why there is a huge variety of different cuts, designs and fabric/material to cater to our individual taste.

FashionistaRecommends.com is created just for this reason. It is dedicated mainly to the latest trend in fashion. By coming to this one site, you could see the very latest in fashion on the market today. As the saying goes, “A picture can paint a thousand words”, this site would be very photographic naturally.

We would highlight fashionable items that we had found online. In each of these posts, along with the photo we would endeavor to add the description of the item itself. In addition, we would also include some comments from people who had purchased the item.

While this site is very female-skewed, there are sections for the man-in-your-life and the little ones. Both sections will carry the latest fashion trend.

And yes, we will received some commission for the items purchased if you should buy through FashionistaRecommends.com.